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Zac Silver's Hairy Tale - Chapter 4

Zac and Tilly giggled as he pushed her at high speed through the streets. 2:45, they arrived across the road from Salon Extraordin-Hair. The local press were outside. Zac stopped on the corner and looked at his reflection in a window. “I look ridiculous!”


“I told you – the more ridiculous the better. They’ll be so wowed by your originality, they won’t notice your age.”


The pair crossed the road. A tall man in skinny jeans stood in the doorway holding a clipboard. He looked Zac and Tilly up and down. “The charity shop’s a few doors down.” The photographer clicked. “Now if you’d like to move along, we have a very important competition starting.”


“No, I’m here for the competition,” Zac said and almost rolled Tilly into the man’s legs.


“Oh... and who’s the old... sorry... the mature lady in the chair?”


“That’s Tilly, my model.”


The man looked at his clipboard flustered. “Can I take your name?”


“Zac. Zac Silver.”


He scanned the list. He stared at the unlikely pair and scanned again. “I’m afraid your name’s not here.”


Tilly squinted and read the man’s name badge. She turned to Zac. “It’s David! David, how are you darling? I live at Heavenly Heights old people’s home on Winter Avenue. You sent me an invite to be a model for the competition.”


“It’s pronounced Daveed actually. Daveeeeed!” He rolled his eyes and huffed. “Heavenly Heights – is that the big white house on Winter Avenue? Oh no, this is terribly embarrassing. I didn’t realise it was a retirement home. I thought students from the uni lived there. All our models today are quite young.” He saw the man from the press focus his camera lens. “And anyway, I’m afraid Zac’s name isn’t on the list.”


Tilly started to scream. Zac bit his lip and turned her to face the camera. “Ageist! He said old fogies can't be models. Police!”


David stood in front of the photographer. “Keep your voice down madam. I must have made a mistake.” He glanced at his clipboard again. “Oh yes, here it is. Zac Silver. Go on in.”


A row of students sat inside. Zac raised both eyebrows and shuddered at their horrendous hair. He found an empty styling station and pushed Tilly towards the veiled mirror. The other contestants stared and gossiped in whispers.


















The last few hairdressers came into the salon followed by David. He stood on a set of step ladders. “Welcome everybody. You have one hour to create a magnificent style. The winner will go through to the nationals and receive this fabulous trophy. There's a cash prize too. Ready, steady, cut!”

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