Wearing Mummy's Clothes



I like to wear my mummy’s clothes

Spider lashes too

And sneak into her wardrobe

To slip on high-heeled shoes


I like to use the brightest red

Lipstick smudged and fat

A snaking feather boa

A coat of fake fur cat


I like to head bang in a wig

Style the latest trends

Then leap before the mirror

To greet my favourite friend


Now new, improved and fabulous

Bouncing on my bed

Pretending I’m in concert

I sing and shake my head


The toys watch in astonishment

Screaming, "We want more!"

Just Action Man is scowling

So I shove him in the drawer


The big finale, here I go

Screeching out my song

I bounce towards the ceiling

And feel that I belong


I crash land from my fantasy

Thudding from great heights

When in he storms, my daddy

And growls, “You’re never right!”


He turns the music down and shouts,

“Take off your mum’s things!”

He doesn’t know when dressed up

I feel that I have wings


I cry because he’s furious

I ask why he’s annoyed

“Dressing up’s for girls,” he says

“And you’re a little boy!”


©2009 Mark Bird

inspirational poems for kids
inspirational poems for kids

out here on my own - irene cara

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