inspirational poems for kids

feeling good - nina simone

Dreambeast says:

"Shining like a sore thumb, 

standing out like a star."

We often have mixed emotions when we win and are praised publicly. Write a diary entry for when you felt proud and embarrassed all at the same time.


Way To Win



Nearly grinning

Holding it in

Trap the whopping smile

which is trying to stretch across my face

like a cat in front of the fire


Radiator cheeks

Laser-blazing stares

I look down at my shoes

which dance like nervous beetles

beneath my trouser legs


Everyone claps

At last

I can breathe again.

And grin

But not too much

or they'll say I’m a big head



like a sore thumb

Standing out like a star

Popcorn bursts in my belly until finally

The teacher says, "Sit down."


I pretend

it's not important

as kids eyeball my prize

But really I want to rewind time

and do it all again


©2010 Mark Bird

inspirational poems for kids

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