funny valentine poem for kids

stupid - kacey musgraves

Valentine Fool

I couldn't take another year

without a Valentine card

For being ridiculed by friends

can leave a young kid scarred


So found a card with heart shaped clouds

Above a candy floss mist

Where two tongue tangling unicorns

met lips and rainbow-kissed


I looked around and quickly paid

then fled, hood up, from the mall

I sprinted home and hid upstairs

and wrote some made-up scrawl


Of course, I used my weak left hand

then raced my shadow to school

I showed it off and played surprised

but looked like such a fool


Like vulture-kids, they circled me

They squawked and mocked, “Ha, Shame!

For instead of writing a question mark

I'd signed it and used my real name

©2021 Mark Bird


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