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you're so vain - carly simon

Dreambeast says:

The Great Debate: Personality or Appearance? Which is more important? 

Write a fable about a vain animal? What will your moral be?

Tina Gorjalina



Once there was a pretty girl

Named Tina Gorjalina

Crazy for the way she looked

You really should have seen her


Mirrors irresistible

She kissed her own reflection

Pouted out her lips and said,

“What absolute perfection.”


Wished for mirrors, giant ones

On every wall and ceiling

Paths of them beneath her feet

Her image so appealing


Bedroom lined with photographs

They weighed down every shelf

None of Mum or Gran or friends

Just hundreds of herself


Couldn’t bear the other girls

She called them ugly dogs

Said they’d need a handsome prince

To turn them back from frogs


Sometime in her teenage years

Got something in her eye

Asked a friend to help her out

The friend just passed her by


What it was that landed there

Infected both eyes now

Grew and spread with rapid speed

But Tina knew not how


Last thing that she ever saw

Her stunned and staring face

Disappearing, panicked eyes

With mirrors in their place


Sci-fi, zombie, robo-girl

With chrome and glassy eyes

Screening all surrounding things

Except her wailing cries


Deep behind her twitching lids

What no one really knew

Tina Gorjalina had

Been blinded by the truth


Couldn’t see the world no more

Or marvel at her face

Double sided mirrors now

Exposed her inner space


Tortured mind and broken soul

Reflected from within

Growing meaner everyday

Her selfish, hidden twin


Old she grew and lonely too

And never saw again

But for streams of memories

That flickered on her brain


A beauty on the outside still

You really should have seen her

Crazy for the way she looked

Poor Tina Gorjalina


©2009 Mark Bird

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