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The Trees Before The Woods 2

Dappled sunshine shines through the leaves of a tree.

(a sonnet for 2022)

When all the world with each rotation shifts
When life on Earth at times is not a breeze
When friendship, peace and love are set adrift
Who needs to see the woods before the trees?

Behold the giggling fidget of each leaf
Behold the shade and dapple as they play
Behold the bark and palm its rough relief
Who needs to see the week before the day?

Let’s hear each note of dawn’s great chorus sing
Let’s watch each cloud morph by as it’s redrawn
Let’s feel each breath exhale, set sail on wing
Who needs to see the day before the dawn?

When life’s no breeze, explore for brave new buds
For seeing trees will help you seize the woods

Mark Bird ©2022

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