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My Old Dog's Eyes

A golden retriever sits smiling amongst wild flowers.

Do you know where the time has gone?
My dog’s eyes ask of me
beyond her cloudy cataracts
I wonder what she sees

Do you dog-dream in memories
of ancient puppy days?
A thousand sticks, a million licks
A zillion words of praise

Do you remember all the smiles
you painted on my face?
Our favourite walks in Amsterdam
Our secret, special place

Do you recall that old park bench?
You’d fetch and I would throw
Through daffodils, through sparkling lakes
Through fallen leaves, through snow

Do you know, with your weak back legs
as seconds slip away?
Through your blind eyes and deafened ears
I see and hear each day

Do you know that your winter years
are here and here to stay?
Sometimes it snows in April though
Next spring, I hope we’ll play

Mark Bird ©2021

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