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Colours I've Been

A corridor or rainbow colours.

The world is white
when I am one
A blinding light
A life begun

The world is green
when I am three
A bud to leaf
a leaf to tree

The world is yellow
when I am eight
A bumblebee
No time to wait

The world is red
when I’m thirteen
A dare, first love
A beating dream

The world is black
when I’m eighteen
Power, strength
New cool, new scene

The world is purple
I’m twenty two
Adored, a prince
The royal you

The world is pink
I’m twenty three
Cherry blossom
Proud to be

The world is orange
I’m Thirty three
Horizons spread
in front of me

The world is blue
I’m forty four
A lapping wave
on gentler shores

The world’s a wheel
I’m forty nine
A rainbow life
that I’ve made mine

A prism split
I’m young, I’m old
I’m past, I’m present
I’m green, I’m gold

The world awaits
a me unseen
Colours I am
Colours I’ve been

Mark Bird ©2021

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