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A metal chain with three links and the sunlight shining through it


A head full of hope
when I am just nine
Alive in each second
Each moment all mine

Along came a teacher
who softwired my brain
who once in a moment
created a chain

A head full of questions
when I am eighteen
With moments to catch
and worlds to be seen

I’m almost a teacher
Recycling my brain
I’m learning the links
So I can build chains

A head full of pride
when I’m twenty nine
A grown up, inspired
by moments through time

It’s me now the teacher
before hungry brains
A moment inventor
Protector of chains

A head full of dreams
when he was just nine
A child seeking answers
in lessons of mine

It’s he now the teacher
who’s softwiring brains
A moment magician
who’s lengthening chains

His class full of wonder
with wide open brains
with minds full of marvel
New links in a chain

Mark Bird ©2021

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