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Becky Bond

Becky Bond

Becky Bond

Becky Bond is in my class
I wish she’d go away
She tries to hold my hand at break
I wish she'd go and play

She’s chases me and pecks my cheek
beneath The Kissing Tree
She says that we’ll get married soon
I wish I wasn’t me

She whispers answers to the test
I hope my friends don't see
She gives me Love Heart sweets that say
“Be Mine’ , “Dream Boy,”, “PICK ME”

She makes the class all laugh out loud
when yowling like a cat
She does this funny chicken dance
She’s really good at that

When Miss is cross, she takes the blame
I like her ski-jump nose
I lend her my new sharpener
as long as no one knows

She loves The Simpsons, SpongeBob too
We both love Patrick Star
She gave me her new Squidward pen
I told her she’s like Bart

She scored a hat-trick after lunch
I like her quite a bit
She took on Banga in Year 6
I like her, I admit

She burped in science, got told off
I like her quite a lot
She's coming mine on Saturday
The bestest friend I've got

But Becky was off school today
Her family's had to move away
Miss peeled the name tag from her tray
I hugged The Kissing Tree at play

No one chased me, no one could
not like the way that Becky would
I gulped the lump back down my throat
Felt Squidward safe inside my coat

I sat next to her empty chair
I wished so much that she was there
to laugh and joke, to run and fly
Just one more chase before goodbye

Mark Bird ©2022

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