Illustration for 'A Bag Called Me' poem for kids : A child cartoon with a brown bag that has the word ME written on it.

A Bag Called Me

Photo for 'Better At The Start' poem for kids : A child stands at the bottom of wide, sunlit steps.

Better At The Start

Photograph for 'Colours I've Been' poem for kids : A corridor or rainbow colours.

Colours I've Been

Illustration for 'Home Time' poem for kids: A sad child is staring through locked school gates, wishing he could be inside.

Home Time

Photograph for 'Life Is Live' poem for kids: A young child runs laughing through a water sprinkler under the summer sun.

Life Is Live

Photograph for 'Ripples' poem for kids : A drop of water creates ripples in a pond.


Illustration for 'Seconds' lockdown poem for kids : For children roll down a hill. A kite flies in front of a huge yellow sun.


Illustration for 'Ten Year Old Love' poem for kids : A stick figure hangs on to a floating red heart outline.

Ten Year Old Love

Photograph for 'The Trees Before The Woods 2' sonnet poem for kids : A view of tall trees by looking upwards to the sky.

The Trees Before The Woods 2

Photograph for 'World Books Days' poem for kids : shelves packed with books.

World Book Days

Photo for 'Yesterday's Forever Dog' poems for kids : A golden retriever puppy high-fives with her paw.

Yesterday's Forever Dog

Illustration for 'Always Picked Last' poem for kids : A blue team and red team stare at a sad child who is always picked last.

Always Picked Last

Photograph for 'Burst Bubbles (a true covid tale) poem for kids : Iridescent blown bubbles float.

Burst Bubbles (a covid true tale)

Illustration for 'Ghost Children' poem for kids: Three pairs of children hide and glide under a ghost costume.

Ghost Children

Photograph for 'Honest Child' poem for kids : A child cries but tries to hide his tears.

Honest Child

Photograph for 'M.O.T.H.E.R.' poem for kids : A Mother and child sit on a beach beneath the sunset.


Photograph for 'One Love, One Life' poems for kids : Two children kissing at the seaside.

One Life, One Love (cinquain)

Illustration for 'Rolling In Time' poem for kids : Four cartoon children roly-poly down a hill, beneath a tree. A yellow sun hangs in a blue sky.

Rolling In Times

Photograph for 'Shame On Someone' poem for kids : A man hides his face behind his hands.

Shame On Someone

Illustration for 'The Full Stop Day' poem for kids : A crying child is surrounded by numbers and a crown as he counts down the last hours of of the last day at primary school.

The Full Stop Day

Illustration for 'Tina Gorjalina' poem for kids : A cartoon girl with yellow hair vainly stares at herself in a hand-held mirror with two love hearts above her head.

Tina Gorjalina

Photograph for 'World Password Day' poem for kids : Green passwords and code scroll vertically on a page.

World Password Day

Illustration for 'Becky Bond' poem for kids : A girl chasing a boy around The Kissing Tree. The tree has lips instead of leaves.

Becky Bond

Photograph for 'Chains' poem for kids : a metal chain with three links and the sun slight shining through it


Illustration for 'He Fights' poem for kids : A child bully is surrounded by many staring faces. The faces represent his memories and the bad things he has done.

He Fights

Photograph for 'Lie Out Loud (LOL)' poem for kids : A man sits on the couch with his head in his hand.

Lie Out Loud (LOL)

Photograph of Blondie for 'My Old Dog's Eyes' poem for kids : A golden retriever sits smiling amongst the wild flowers.

My Old Dog's Eyes

Illustration for 'Respect' poem for kids : A teacher wearing a mortarboard points at a white board with the message RESPECT MUST BE EARNED ! written on it.


Photograph for 'Schoolsick' poem for kids: A blackboard and chalk with BACK TO SCHOOL written on it.


Photograph for 'Sunlight Through Curtain Seams' poem for kids : A silhouetted person stares up at the stars and universe.

Sunlight Thru' Curtain Seams

Photograph for 'The Trees Before The Woods 1' sonnet poem for kids : A view of tall trees by looking upwards to the sky.

The Trees Before The Woods 1

Illustration for 'Wearing Mummy's Clothes' poem for kids : A boy in lipstick, wearing a feather boa jumps up and down on his bed with his wig flying in the air. A purple chest of drawers has four cuddly toys sat on top and Action Man shoved into one of the drawers.

Wearing Mummy's Clothes

Photograph for 'Yesterday Friends (for Dean) poem for kids : Children jump and play with a ball beneath the the trees.

Yesterday Friends (for Dean)