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The Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M Team - Chapter 9

Back at the house, Ali begged his mum for five minutes on the computer.


“Go on then - I’m getting soft in my old age. I’m going to put my pyjamas on. Back in a min.”


Ali turned on the computer and waited. He was sure a big, black envelope would burp onto the screen. Seconds turned into minutes, but nothing happened – no message and no Spacebook. He shut the computer down, climbed the stairs and said goodnight to his mum.


Ali closed his bedroom door. He took one last look at the night sky and drew the curtains. "Maybe I imagined it all."


As he wriggled into bed, he felt something cold and stiff by his feet. His heart thumped as he explored the object with his toes. He hurried under the duvet and tunnelled to the bottom of the bed. He grabbed whatever it was and pulled his torch from the drawer. He shone it towards his hand.


He knew it! A cosmic envelope glowed between his fingertips.


















To Ali. Mission Accomplished!


Ali tore open the envelope. He buried himself under the covers and directed his torch onto the sentences.


Dear Ali,


Sorry we had to leave so suddenly. There was an emergency on Planet Tikka – another child needed help. 

We knew you’d be fine – especially when you started to dance. My friends on Planet Hip-hop can’t even move like that!


Say hello to your Uncle Mo. Tell him I’ve not been back to Planet Belch since that supersonic day trip with Ernie Lime and the rest of his class, all those years ago.


Keep believing!


Always here!


Your alien friend,




Beneath his name was that word again.


Commander of S.K.R.E.A.M


And underneath that, in tiny brackets, were six more words. Ali shone his torch on each one in turn.


(Supersonic Kid Rescue - Extraordinary Alien Missions)


Ali grinned and slid the card back into the envelope. He pulled his secret box from under the bed and buried the card at the bottom.


Ali climbed under his duvet. Memories flashed in his mind, like a movie he never wanted to end. But soon, every eyelash felt like a dumbbell and the film flickered and faded. Somewhere between sleep and slumber, Ali heard a sound - a muffled sound beneath his bed. In fact it was two. Two deep notes that made his secret box vibrate.


“Burp. Buuuuuuuuuurp.”


“One for hello, two for goodbye,” Ali mumbled and rolled onto his side.


Brilliant dreams sparked and blazed in his brain. The double-burp drifted past his head and tickled his ear. It fluttered upwards, and for a moment hovered above his sleeping body. Finally, it sneaked through the window and zoomed into the starry night.

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