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The Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M Team - Chapter 6

The metallic cube began to wobble and whir. Suddenly, one side flipped open. The classmates screamed and flew backwards. They sprawled across the floor like socks.


Ali watched, mouth open, as a gigantic yellow blur shot upwards. It grew and grew until it touched the ceiling. Three heads popped out of the blob, and a massive pair of purple lips inflated at the end its tentacles.






















The children sat up and looked at each other. They shuffled backwards slowly. One girl pulled a pigtail over her eyes. “What’s that?”


The boy next to her reached for her other pigtail. “It’s an alien!”


Jazingalip’s three eyes blinked and honed in on Ali. “Hey Al – cool costume! Sorry we’re late - we had to stop for a loo break on the moon. It only takes nine years to get here and still they can’t hold it. Never mind, we’re here now.”


“Who do you mean – ‘they’?”


“Sorry - how rude of me. Let me introduce my team.” Jazingalip stuck his antennae between his lips and whistled. It was incredible. Blob after multi-coloured blob rocketed from the tiny cube and shimmied into all sorts of shapes. Some were as tall as Jazingalip. Some were short and fat. One looked like a pineapple with an elephant's trunk.















Soon the hall was crammed with floating, gassy, grinning aliens. Jazingalip’s middle head began to shake. His antenna extended upwards. The aliens let out an almighty belch in the same deep note.




“Wow! That’s loud.” Ali waggled his fingers in his ears. “What does it mean?”


“It’s really very simple,” Jazingalip said. “One burp for ‘hello’, two for ‘goodbye.’" Jazingalip’s antenna shrank back into his head and all at once, the aliens’ lips banged shut. The strange greeting echoed around the hall and then faded to silence. “So Al - are you having a great party, with your fantastic friends?”


The tribe of aliens turned to look at the quaking kids, huddled like penguins.


“Well...” Ali looked at his classmates. “Erm...”


Jazingalip bent down and eyeballed the children. “I do hope so. Horrible children make us really mad. Especially ones who don’t believe in aliens.” The other aliens nodded. They swallowed their grins and drooled.


“Hold on a minute!” Jazingalip flew round the hall like a deflating balloon. Slimy blobs of dribble showered the children. “Did you read your invitations? It said to come in alien fancy dress. Why aren’t you wearing costumes?”


The children pointed to a stack of chairs in the dimmest corner of the hall. Jazingalip glided over and spied a shaking body. “Who do we have here then?"





Jazingalip arrives
Pineapple alien with elephant's trunk
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