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The Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M Team - Chapter 4

“Breakfast’s ready!” Ali returned to the kitchen and winced at the huge plate of food. Mum sat down and poured her muesli.


“Mum, there’s a party tonight at the town hall. Can I go?” Ali nibbled the end his sausage.


“Fab – I love parties. You never said anything. Whose party is it?”


“Erm... this kid at school. I forgot to tell you about it.” He mashed the pile of beans with his fork. “You don’t have to come.”


“Of course I have to come - you can hardly go by yourself.” Mum leant back and looked at her hair in the mirror. “I can wear my new skirt.”


“It’s a fancy dress party. I have to wear something to do with aliens.” Ali sliced the tomato. Juice and seeds flooded his plate.


“Can I see the invite?”


“Err... I left it at school.” He changed the subject quickly. “Mmm, these mushrooms are delicious.”


Mum stole a mushroom from his plate and popped it into her mouth. “OK - we can make something this afternoon. I’ll get the junk box down from the attic. It’s full of Granny's stuff from her hippie days.”


Ali managed one more bite of soggy sausage. His stomach was too full of zips and tickles. “There are kids starving in the world you know,” Mum moaned.


Ali went to his room. He buzzed around like a trapped bluebottle. It wasn’t popcorn bursting in his belly now - more like a posse of porcupines, trampolining in his tummy.














Later on, Mum helped him make a mask. They used a sheet for an alien cloak and pinned things all over it – stripy socks, hippie wigs and bug-eyes painted onto paper plates.


"How did he know my name?" Jazingalip danced around Ali’s imagination all afternoon. “And how did he find me?”


Eventually his watch beeped 6, and with a big toothless grin, Frankie Lime elbowed Jazingalip straight out of Ali's brain. Frankie fell onto his back and screamed with laughter. Ali shook his head and slapped his cheeks.





















“Maybe aliens don’t exist.” He stared at the costume draped over the chair. “Forget the stupid party.”





Alien eyes on paper plates
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