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The Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M Team - Chapter 3

Saturday morning, Ali raced downstairs in a dressing gown. A lopsided fin of hair wavered on top of his head. Mum was reading the paper in the kitchen. “Hi love. How are you feeling today?”


“I’m OK. Can I go on the computer for a bit?”


“Yes love.” Mum stood up and clicked the kettle on. “What do you want for breakfast?”


Ali had to keep her busy. “Erm... Sausages... bacon, eggs, beans...”


“You must be feeling better.”


“And I’ll have some mushrooms and toast and grilled tomatoes.”


“But you don’t like tomatoes.” She drizzled oil into the frying pan.


“I do.” He rushed into the living room and closed the door. He pressed the button. The computer whirred into life.

Ali’s feet drummed on the floor and his fingers tangled. The icons appeared. Ali waited. He watched. He tapped a few buttons on the keyboard. He double-checked he was online.


Nothing happened. Zilch.


He typed ‘Spacebook’ into Google, but there were no results. He flicked a pencil onto the floor and slouched back to the kitchen.


“So what are you doing today?” Mum asked. She wafted the smoke above the bacon. “You can play out after breakfast.”


“Who with? I’ve got no friends.”


Suddenly, a loud ripping sound vibrated in the lounge, “Buuuuuuuuuuurp.”


“What the heck was that?” Mum asked, dodging the oil splattering from the sausages.


“I think it’s the TV. I’ll turn it down.” Ali ran into the living room. A cosmic envelope bounced and glowed on screen. Popcorn pinged in his belly.


“To Ali. You have been invited to a party. Click stamp to accept.”


















Ali accepted straight away. The page opened and Commander Jazingalip grinned out from his photo. Underneath, wobbly sentences fanfared from a trumpet. “Dear Ali, You are invited to a Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M party, tonight at 7 at the town hall. Come in fancy dress - the theme is Aliens. Can’t wait to meet you, Jazingalip.”


The page shrank, made one final squelch and then disappeared completely.




Ali invited to a party
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