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The Spacebook S.K.R.E.A.M Team - Chapter 2

The smell of sweet chocolate drifted in from the kitchen.  “I won’t be a minute - I’m popping to the loo,” Mum called.

















Ali scrunched his eyes tight and started counting, "One, two, three..." A thousand tiny squares swirled beneath his eyelids. "... seven, eight, nine, ten." His super-long lashes untangled as he peeped at the screen. The swirl faded but the envelope was still there. “To Ali. You have 1 new friend request on Spacebook. Click stamp to accept.” He looked at the drooling creature wearing a crooked crown. It had eyes on its cheeks and lips on its forehead. He wondered if Frankie Lime had something to do with this.


The envelope started to shake and burp. The pen pot vibrated in front of the speaker. "Mum'll hear." Ali clicked ‘accept.’











A Spacebook logo flashed at the top of the screen. Below was the maddest photo - a yellow three-headed creature, with an octopus tentacle body - all growing from a huge pair of juicy, purple lips.


Under the photo it read, “Hi I’m Jazingalip – Commander of S.K.R.E.A.M. I’m originally from Planet Belch but haven’t been back in years. I’m an intergalactic traveller who loves swimming, burping and visiting new planets. At the moment I’m looking for a friend on Planet Earth – it must be so weird having only one head! LOL!!!”
























“An alien!” Ali scrolled further down.


Jazingalip had zillions of friends who looked just like him. They must come from the same planet, Ali guessed. Others were equally wild - cactus-nosed red ones, headless-poodle pink ones, and a completely see-through alien with a belly button on the end of each toe.


The toilet flushed upstairs. Ali closed the Spacebook page. But it kept opening, making terrible sounds – belch, squelch, plop.


“Here you are love. Be careful - it’s hot.” Ali stood in front of the P.C. “Let me shut down - then we can talk.” His mum nudged him sideways. “Oh my god! What’s this?” Her eyeballs looked like they were about to ping from their sockets and pong onto the screen. “Come here Ali.”


“It wasn’t me,” he said. “They just appeared.” Mum pulled Ali to her side.


“See him?” She pointed to a photo of a bald, grinning man. “He was my first boyfriend when I was 10. Fancy him getting in touch after all these years.” Ali breathed again. There was nothing else on screen. “Anyway, who just appeared?


“It doesn’t matter.” He picked up his hot chocolate. “I’m tired. See you in the morning.”


Ali tossed and turned under the duvet. He wondered if he’d imagined it. Maybe Frankie Lime’s big brother was a computer genius and had sent the message to make fun of him.


“There’s no such thing as Spacebook,” he said and pulled the duvet over his head. His gulp thudded in the airless dark. “But it seemed so real.”






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