inspirational poems for kids

what if - coldplay

Dreambeast says:

Create a class display of a tree growing from a seed of success.

Each child adds a leaf or trophy to the tree and writes what will come true when their seed 'roots and shoots and blossoms' in the future.


Say I Fail?



Say that things don’t work out?

Say I fail the test?

Say I’m just not good enough?

Say I did my best?


Say my friends all snigger?

Say they think I’m mad?

Say I’m just a loser now?

Say they call me sad?


Say that I'm embarrassed?

Say I lose esteem?

Say disaster strikes again?

Say I drown in dreams?


Say I never even try?

Say I don’t begin?

Say I put it off for now?

Say regret sets in?


Say that I just give up?

Say I never dared?

Say that I look back and think -

‘I could have but was scared.'


Say I might just make it?

Say that I deserve?

Say I keep believing big?

Say I test my nerve?


Say what I imagine,

Say I see it through,

Say this dream up in my head -

Say it will come true?


Say I never give up?

Say I plant the seed -

That roots, and shoots and blossoms?

Say that I succeed?


©2009 Mark Bird

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