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if i could only go back again - andy williams

somewhere only we know - keane

Dreambeast says:

O.K. here's a challenge. Write your Top Three memories ever!

What do they all have in common?


Rolling In Time



Roly-poling back through space

Pick a second, pick a place


Trophy bruises, kingdoms lost

Kid-stones gathering no moss


Spinning, bouncing, sideways roll

Stain your clothes and stain your soul


Giggle tick and whooping tock

Always chiming Now O' Clock


Melting moment vaporized

Vanishing before your eyes


Hundreds more line up to start

March to life inside your heart


Hours drag, a week's a year

Your address is, 'Happy Here.'


In the detail, in the blink

Rolling first before you think


Rolling hills you loved to climb

Roly-poling back in time


©2009 Mark Bird


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