a little respect - erasure

Dreambeast says:

How do you earn respect? Draw a Venn diagram with two circles and write a person you respect above each one. Fill in both circles with the qualities that make you respect them. Where would you write the qualities that they share?




My class is the worst

Every year it’s the same

The naughtiest brats

roaming wild and untame


If I scream, “Sit down!”

they start climbing the walls

If I shout, “Shut up!”

they bombard me with bawls


And then they dare moan

when I cancel P.E

I growl, “Who’s to blame!!!?”

and they all glare at me


I don’t read their work

as I know they all cheat

I just give a tick

if the handwriting’s neat


Their painting’s so bad

just to view it’s unwise

You’d be better off

squashing bees in your eyes


They whine, “You don’t listen.”

But what they don’t see

Is why should I try?

They don’t listen to me


I blame the TV

and the parents and Head

Stop giving them chances

Exclude them instead


I blame Coca Cola

and video games

That awful new boy

I’ve forgotten his name


I blame Mr. Cloud

the soft teacher last year

who made learning fun -

Don’t give up! Persevere!


I’ve told them it’s fine

to be stupid or plain

But then they just start

being naughty again


Why are they so rude?

And why haven’t they learned -

Respect is not given

unless it is earned!


©2012 Mark Bird

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