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Yesterday's Forever Dog : a tribute to my beautiful old dog

Updated: Apr 23

After the saddest day of my life, losing my beloved Golden Retriever, Blondie - I had to write something as a tribute to her, however painful it would be. That's the job of a poet I suppose: to tell the truth of a moment however much it hurts.

Only a few weeks before I had written, My Old Dog's Eyes, knowing Blondie may not be with us for much longer, but never imagining she'd be gone only a short time later. I never knew emotional pain could manifest itself into something physical... I guess I know where my soul resides now. 😥

So tonight, I wrote this for beautiful Blondie who spent 14 and a half years on Earth. But I had to make sure of one thing: the poem must represent lament, love and hope in equal measure.

I'm not sure I succeeded but all I could do is try. I owe Blondie that much.

R.I.P. Blondie. Your power is eternal.

Yesterday’s Forever Dog

Her hair was there

but she was gone

Her scent on air

but she was gone

Her empty bed

with hollow dent

Her paw print tread

with fun intent

Her favourite toy

beneath the chair

she’d hid with joy

Today’s, still there

Her lead of hope

Nowhere to go

It couldn’t cope

It doesn’t know

But she still plays

It’s just the start

of endless days

inside your heart


she’ll roll and stroll

a bark, a spark

within your soul

Blondie's Last Photo - The Day Before She Died

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