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"Time Travelling Smiles" a poem about the power of smile.

Updated: May 24

A poem about smiles. I still remember the power of a smile that someone gave me from long before. Smiles really do time travel - from face to face, from year to year, from soul to soul. #Poems4kids #poetrycommunity #poetry #poem

Update: The fabulous @JDGreysonwrites founder of @MoveMePoetry chose to showcase my poem. She reads it beautifully - just like it was in my head when I wrote it and that doesn't often happen.

Time Travelling Smiles

Smiles can go on for miles

So they say

I disagree

because for me

smiles can last much longer that

Smiles can go on for years

for decades and more

for one super smile, back then

from an ancient aunt

or a long lost friend

knows no end

That brilliant smile

that dissolved all my doubts

that beckoned my dreams

to stop hiding in shadows

to come and play out

still lives

on two faces

still lives

in two places

Before and Today

Aren’t they the same


A smile so powerful

that without a thought

my memory caught

and packed deep in a case

to give to another

in a future place

from my future face

What goes around comes around

So they say

I agree

because for me

That old, smile,

golden, wide

that someone once gave me

in a weightless while

in a selfless style

still guides me inside

still summons my pride

still makes me not hide

A time travelling smile

that now is all mine

that’s ready to shine

and dissolve someone’s doubts

and beckon their dreams

to come and play out

Mark Bird

A bunch of balloons with smiles on their faces
The Power of a Smile

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