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Nose and Toes: a poem celebrating the senses of smell and touch

What wonderful things we possess as humans: noses and toes being just two of them - both of which can wake your senses like they did when you were a child... you just have to let them.

And never take your nose and toes for granted.

Nose and Toes

When I pull off my socks

and let the air

tickle my toes

My happiness grows

When I lie by my dog

and let her hair

prickle my nose

My happiness grows

When I splash in the sea

and let her waves

nibble my toes

My happiness flows

When I hug with my mum

and let her scent

wiggle my nose

My happiness flows

When I play on the grass

and let its blades

peep through my toes

My happiness glows

When I take a new breath

and let its thrill

sweep though my nose

My happiness glows

Mark Bird

A baby's toes
Let you toes go ...

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