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Lost 10p

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

After the wonderful response I got from posting my poem Ode To Uttoxeter I was inspired to write a new poem about my childhood and #Uttoxeter

Lost 10p

I still remember that 10p

Nana gave me

in 1975

that I dropped

and never found

on the freshly mown


grassy bank

outside of the cemetery

where I was born

beside the railway crossing

beyond the park

opposite Dad’s birthplace

Westlands Road

That was nearly 50 years ago

and I sometimes come home

from far off places

and walk alone

past the waterfall

to that place in the park

where the ghosts of bonfire night

still burn

and I look up at the window

of the house in the cemetery

where I inhaled my first breath

in a place where souls

come to rest

after taking their last

I still remember that lost10p

Nana gave me

in 1975

that I dropped

and never found

and wonder if I went to look for it

would I finally find it

still there?

Mark Bird

The Waterfall, The Old Rec. Uttoxeter

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