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"In The Right Lane" by Stephanie Henson

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

First, I want to say thank you to Stephanie Henson for sending me a copy of her new poetry anthology for children called, "In The Right Lane." It's not easy to send your words out into the ether to be reviewed; I know, I've done it several times myself. However, I'm glad she did.

"In The Right Lane" is a force for good in a world that often isn't. Children can't fail to be empowered be Stephanie's positive words, lines, stanzas and rhymes. Their power lies in their simple but consistently strong messages: Never give up; Find your own path; Don't be afraid to be different; You will find your own tribe in the end.

I like that Stephanie also alludes to the reality of growing up in 2022. Life can be tough, regardless of your age. One of my favourites, "Picasso Problems" explores children accepting who they are, both physically and mentally. She uses some lovely turns of phrase: in her poem, "Nature's Soundtrack" she writes about wanting to play a part in 'nature's concert '. And in "The Space In Between" she uses her accessible style to write about that difficult phase we've all struggled through: no longer a child but not yet an adult.

Stephanie Henson's anthology has the ability to shine a light of positivity into the minds of children and guide them through the mayhem of current times.

Anybody who endeavours to steer young and hopeful people into the right lane has my utmost respect.

Mark Bird

A girl rides her bike through the park on the cover of Stephanie Henson's poetry anthology: "In The Right Lane,"
"In The Right Lane" by Stephanie Henson

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