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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 9

The following day, the Moonstaliens bounced along the tunnels to the centre of the moon. Cows grazed on moon moss and Bovinia's statue was mysteriously covered with a massive white drape.


King Cream appeared from beneath the sheet. “Silence my people.” He bounced onto a boulder and peered into the crowd. “Kezo? Yax? Where are you?” The boys waved their horns. “Hiding at the back as usual. Come to the front please.”




















“What have we done now?” Yax asked.


“I don’t know,” said Kezo. “Let’s just get it over with.”


King Cream ordered the boys to stand either side of him. “Your milk mission to Earth was magnifrillingly, incredstoundingly brave. You risked your lives to save us. We are forever in your debt.”


Yax’s grin stretched like a cat in front of the fire. Kezo trapped his proud smile behind his lips and stood up straight.

“You’ll go down in history as the bravest Moonstaliens who ever lived.” The crowd tossed them into the air like volleyballs. The boys landed dizzily next to the king “And so it gives me great pleasure to unveil our everlasting tribute to you both.”


The king twisted the corner of the drape around his horn and took an almighty bounce sideways. The sheet slid from Bovinia’s back. The Mooonstaliens gasped. Kezo and Yax gulped.


Underneath Bovinia, either side of her huge stone udders, were two new statues - one of Kezo and one of Yax. The boys stared up at the great moonstone versions of themselves. A golden plaque shone at the bottom.


They hopped forward to read it. “Here stand Prince Kezo & Prince Yax - Saviours Of The Mooonstalien Race.” The audience bounced like bingo balls. Their cheers shook the moondust mites from their beds.


“We’re princes!” said Kezo.


“Real princes,” said Yax. “Does that mean we can’t play anymore?”


“Of course we can’t play! We have to be grown up. We must set an example to our people. We must never play again. Ever!”


“Oh OK.” Yax’s horns wilted and his bottom lip wobbled.


“It’s just the way it has to be.” Sneakily, Kezo twisted his corkscrew tail into a mound of moon moss behind him. “But look at it this way.”


Just as Yax lifted his sad eyes, Kezo whipped his tail. A fat, splodge of moss torpedoed towards Yax and splattered on the end of his snout.


Yax twisted his tail into the ground and pulled out a cork of mud. He aimed at his big brother. “I’ll get you for that.”


 Kezo scarpered into a tunnel. His giggles and screams echoed behind him. “Come on then Yax - I’d like to see you try.”



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