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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 8

A second explosion thundered towards them. The plant pot jolted from the ground. “Hold on a minute,” Kezo said. “King Cream can’t explode twice.”


Yax bounced onto the rim of the pot. “He didn’t!” Yax waved his horns. “Quick King Cream, over here.” Kezo jumped up next to Yax. The farmer fired his gun and a bullet of turf shot up right behind the king. He made one final super bounce and ricocheted into the plant pot.


The boys saw Jenny and Raffa skid round the corner. “Dad! There’s more. I just saw them heading towards the pig shed.” Kezo and Yax sighed as the farmer spun and ran in the opposite direction. Raffa galloped over. Jenny jumped to the ground and peered into the pot.


“We need to get out of here,” Kezo said.


“But the clouds are way too high.” King Cream said. “We need to eat something else to make us float.”


Jenny, King Cream and the boys scanned the garden. Yax began to wail. “There is nothing.”


“I’ve got an idea.” Jenny ran into the house. Seconds later, the boys saw her sprinting over with the birthday balloon. She knelt beside them and tied the ribbon around the pot. It didn’t budge. Not even a millimeter.


“We’re too heavy,” said Kezo. “What about munch-magic?”


“Yes! We need to eat something to make us lighter,” King Cream said.


“As light as a feather,” Yax said.


“That’s it!” said Jenny. “You’re so clever.”


Jenny dashed to the coop and came back carrying a fat, squawking bird. “Sorry about this Chickitita.” She began plucking feathers and handing them to the Moonstaliens. As they chewed, their bellies tornadoed and throbbed. The plant pot tilted onto one side and slowly lifted from the grass. As the munch-magic swirled inside them, the pot zoomed higher and higher. Raffa tossed Jenny onto his back.


The Mooonstaliens looked down at the farm. They saw the farmer creeping around the back of the pig shed. They saw a cluck of escaped chickens gobbling across the garden. They saw Jenny waving, galloping through a field of cows. “But what about our milky bath next year?” King Cream asked. “It’s way too dangerous to come back to this mad planet.”


Kezo pointed at the grazing cows. “It’s a shame we can’t take a few of them with us, to fill up the lake.”


“Why can’t we?” Yax said. “They’re our ancestors right?” The king and Kezo nodded. “Maybe the munch-magic works on them too.”


“There’s nothing to lose,” King Cream said. “Come on Moonstaliens, we need your help.” As they floated higher, they stuck their corkscrew tails over the edge into a cloud. Five at a time, the Mooonstaliens poked their tales through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and aimed. “1,2,3, fire!”


Corks of cloud rained onto the field. Kezo and Yax spotted a tiny Jenny herding the cattle towards the fluffy bullets. The cows gobbled the falling treats. One by one, the magic began to work. Confused moos sounded below as cows slowly lifted into the air. Minutes later, a whole heard of cattle hovered beside them as they floated above the clouds.


“No way! Look Kezo.” Yax pointed. “That cow’s lying on gigantic lasagna.”


“Yeah yeah, whatever!” Kezo peered over the rim of the pot, just as the strange sight disappeared behind a cloud.


“I promise! I’m not lying.”


Slowly, it appeared again - a bloated cow, covered in splatters of curry, reclining on a massive mattress of meat-free lasagna. It was wearing a tuxedo. “Mooooon!”

























“It's the dung-nugget cow. It said ‘Moon’ Kezo!”


“No it didn’t. I told you before – that’s just the sound cows make.”


Suddenly, King Cream and the Moonstaliens cheered. Glowing in the distant sky, they saw their home. Yax stuck out his tongues. “Told you it said ‘Moon,’”


 Kezo glared at him. Yax eyeballed back. But then they began sniggering. They fell onto their backs and their tonsil-twisting, udder-wobbling laughter spiralled into space.







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