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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 7

“Let us go.” Kezo pulled the chicken wire but the door wouldn’t budge. “Look at them. If they don’t get a milk bath soon, they’ll explode.” The Moonstaliens looked like a gang of ready-to-burst gum bubbles as they quivered in the coop.


“Creatures don’t explode and aliens don’t exist.” Jenny said. “Tell you what - prove you’re from another world and I might let you go.”


Yax bounced forward. “OK, close your eyes and open your mouth.”


“No way!”


“Forget it then. You’ll never know what you missed,” said Yax.


“Oh all right,” Jenny said. “But try any funny business and I’ll pop each and every one of you myself.” She scrunched her eyes and opened wide.


Yax stuck his corkscrew through the wire and aimed at Jenny’s tonsils. He lassoed his tail until the dung nugget rocketed off the end. “Yuk!” Jenny swallowed and choked. “That better not have been what I think it was.” She shrugged and looked down at herself. “So where’s the proof? Nothing’s changed. Right, you’ve had it.” She picked up a sharp stick.


Kezo and Yax smiled. Something long and slimy curled around Jenny’s face and blindfolded her. “Aaargh! Get off me.” She tugged the tongue away and turned to see what it was. Her jaw dropped like a drawbridge. Her eyes bulged like a blowfish. “A giraffe! A real, live giraffe. She wrapped her arms around its leg and hugged. She darted back to the chicken coop and freed the Moonstaliens. “You were telling the truth. I feel so bad. Tell me what to do.”


“We need to get the Moonstaliens into a milk bath now,” Kezo said. “Can you distract your family?”


“Easy,” Jenny said. “Hey Raffa, give us a lift up.” Her new pet giraffe clenched Jenny’s jumper between his teeth and tossed her onto his back. Jenny yahooed as Raffa galloped towards the house.


Kezo and Yax led the Moonstaliens to the back door. They were too fat, sore and weak to bounce through the letterbox, so Yax went ahead. Once inside, he bounced on the handle and the door clicked open. Kezo pushed from the other side and the Moonstaliens trailed into the kitchen behind him.























Kezo and Yax peeped around the corner and could see the farmer and his family pouring milk into their bowls. “Where is Jenny?” Kezo said.


Just then, the farmer’s wife jumped up and screamed. Half a second later, the whole family was screaming. Outside, Jenny was riding her pet giraffe and waving. “Helloooo.” Raffa pushed his eel-like tongue through an open window and licked squashed flies off the pane.


“Where the heck did she get that from? Get the children upstairs while I sort this out.” The farmer shoved his wife and children out of the dining room.


“She’s done it, they’ve gone,” Yax said and bounced towards the table.


Kezo directed the Mooonstaliens across the tiles. “A few more bounces and you’re saved.” One by one, the Moonstaliens leapt onto the table with their last spec of strength. They dived into the nearest bowl of abandoned cereal.


The milk bubbled and steamed as their pink bodies deflated to purple, faded to blue and returned to lunar grey.


Outside, trees bowed and birds fled their branches as the Moonstalien sound of relief screeched across the farm.

The farmer ran back into the dining room, hands on ears. “What the heck!” Moonstaliens were bounding in every direction. Tidal waves of Coco Pops flooded from bowls. Mugs tumbled, coffee spilled and forks somersaulted into the air.


“Bounce!” Kezo shouted. Squirts of ketchup splattered the farmer’s face as Moonstaliens escaped over the toppled sauce bottle. Kezo and Yax raced outside. The Moonstaliens followed them to the back of the garden. “Quick, hide in here.”


Kezo, Yax and the Moonstaliens leapt into the big plastic plant pot. Yax searched the crowd. “Where is King Cream?”


“Oh no,” said Kezo. “Did anyone see him get into a bowl?” The Moonstaliens shook their horns and began to whimper.


A huge explosion shook the pot.


 The Moonstaliens fell silent. Kezo and Yax stared at each other and grimaced. “Poor King Cream,” Kezo said. Yax’s bottom lip trembled. A tear trickled over it and splashed to the floor.






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