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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 6

Yax chewed. “What is it?”


Kezo swallowed. “It’s a bit of Jenny’s rubber.”


The munch-magic took hold and their tummies tornadoed. Yax shook his head and let out a tiny burp. “Where have you gone Kezo? I can’t see you.”


“Good - I can’t see you either. We’ve been erased. The munch-magic worked. Now don’t make a sound and I mean it this time.”


Light beamed into the pencil case. Jenny jumped back, as though her pens had morphed into snakes. “There’s no way they could have escaped.” She emptied the contents onto her bed. She sifted through the topless felt tips and multi-coloured sharpenings. “Grrrr!”


Kezo grabbed Yax’s hand and started to bounce. Jenny saw a trail of strange dents moving across the duvet and dived on top of them. Next, her karate trophies toppled over on the window sill. She leapt up and slammed the window shut. But it was too late.


The boys fell onto a gazebo outside and were catapulted skywards. They shot through the air and landed inside a big plastic plant pot at the back of the garden. The munch-magic wore off and they saw each other panting in the shadows.


“We’ve got to call King Cream quickly. If they don’t get here by morning, the Moonstaliens are doomed. Kezo and Yax twirled their horns into one long spike and pointed it to the sky. They began to flash and bleep. “Earth to King Cream... Earth to King Cream... Milk baths located... You must get here by dawn.”























Minutes later, the boys' horns flopped like rabbit ears. They huddled under a leaf and fell fast asleep.






“Wake up Kezo. I think we’re back home.” Yax poked him with an udder. They lay looking up at the stars.


“No we’re still on Earth.” Kezo pointed his horn to the shining Moon in the sky. “That’s our home.”


Everything was so quiet. They had no idea what time it was.


Yax jumped up. “The stars are falling out of the sky.” A shooting cluster of purple lights scorched across the sky.


“It’s King Cream and the Moonstaliens!” They bounced into a dark field and flashed like sirens. The Moonstaliens travelled closer and closer until they landed in a circle around Kezo and Yax.


The boys bounced three times and bowed. King Cream stepped forward weakly. “We don’t have much time boys. Our purpley-pink bodies are sore and ready to burst.”


A strange silhouette flew onto the fence. “Cock-a-doodle-do!”


“It’s the night penguin,” Yax said.


“He means the dawn rooster,” said Kezo. “It’s nearly time.”


The throbbing Moonstaliens followed Kezo and Yax through the grass. They gathered behind the dustbin and waited for life to stir in the farmhouse. Every now and then, the Moonstaliens groaned as their overblown bodies stretched and creaked.


“Get down,” Kezo said. He saw Jenny at the window filling a glass with water. She seemed to look straight at them. “She’s very dangerous.”


“Phew she’s gone,” Yax said and leant against the bin.


Suddenly, the back door flew open. It was Jenny in her pyjamas. “I saw you! Come here you little weirdoes.” She hurtled towards them cackling like a witch.


“Ruuuuuuuuun!” The Mooonstaliens bounced as fast as they could behind Kezo and Yax. In no time they were panting like fat old dogs. Jenny was getting closer. Kezo saw a cage. He undid the latch. “Quick, hide up there.” At the back of the cage, a ramp led to a little wooden house. But as the Moonstaliens filed in through the entrance, they were immediately chased out again. A gang of mad pecking chickens squawked them into a corner.


“Shush you crazy baboons,” Yax said. “I’ll get you bananas if you’ll just be quiet.”


“They’re not... OW! baboons... OW! they’re chickens... OW!” Beaks attacked Kezo from every angle as he protected the Moonstaliens and fought off their vicious pecks.


 Jenny heard the tremendous kerfuffle. The Mooonstaliens tried to escape, but it was too late. Jenny wedged her foot against the door and locked the latch. “Got you!”





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