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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 5

The Mooonstaliens hurdled over a toast rack and dived into the milky bath. They swam to the bottom of the bowl. Their hot purple bodies faded to blue and then cooled to grey. An almighty siren of pleasure bubbled up through the cereal. For Moonstaliens, it was no louder than a snake hiss. But to humans, it sounded like a thousand swimming schoolgirls in a squealing competition.


Jenny dropped her spoon. Her dad ran into the room. “What’s that noise?” Jenny forced her hands against her ears and shrugged. “It must be the barn alarm.” The farmer ran outside with his wife groaning behind him.


Jenny stayed at the table. As the squeal died away, she held her nose and popped her ears. She noticed bubbles bursting between her soggy Pops. She scraped her spoon along the bottom of the bowl.


“Ow!” moaned Yax.


“Ow!” groaned Kezo. “Let’s get out of here.”


But as they bounced, two upturned glasses forced them back to the table. They were trapped. Jenny’s big eyes peered at them. “Coooool,” she grinned. She picked up the cereal box and scanned the front, back and sides. “It doesn’t say anything about free toys.”




















“We’re not toys,” Yax said.


Kezo banged the inside of his glass and stared across at Yax. “Shut up!”


“You just spoke!” Jenny face’s hovered outside Yax’s glass. He froze and stared at her huge eyes. “You blinked too! Who are you?”


“I’m no one. I’m just a toy that doesn’t blink or speak,” he blinked.


“Tiger... Come here Tiger.” Jenny patted her lap.


“A Tiger!” Yax tried running up the side of his glass. “Heeeeelp!”


A fat ginger cat leapt onto the table. He spied the trapped Moonstaliens and flicked his claws at the glasses.


“All right!” Kezo said. “We’re aliens from the Moon. Our people are in serious danger. You’ve got to let us go.”


“What!? There’s no such things as aliens. You’re not even green.” She shooed Tiger from the table. “I won’t hurt you but there’s no way I’m letting you go.” She picked up the cuddly giraffe. “Last year they bought me a hamster. This year, they got me this! I want a real giraffe. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I’m sick of being surrounded by smelly cows and pigs. I want a giraffe that I can ride like the wind.” She leaned in and studied their strange bodies. “You’re definitely not giraffes but you’ll do for now.”


“We’ll give you this if you set us free,” Kezo pointed at the dung nugget on Yax’s corkscrew tail. “It’s magic. You just have to eat it.”


Jenny scrunched her nose up. “Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not eating that – it looks something a cat would bury in the garden.”


“Let us go!” Yax drummed his horns against the glass. “The Moonstaliens will explode!”


“Don’t be silly,” Jenny said. “Creatures don’t explode.” She opened her pencil case and emptied the boys inside. She fastened the zip, shoved it in her school bag and ran upstairs. “Let’s go and have some birthday fun. You can play in my hamster ball and roll wherever you like. But don’t even think about escaping.”


“We’re going to die!” Yax prayed to Bovinia as they were flung from one side of the bag to the other. “And the Moonstaliens will explode into extinction.”


“Maybe not if we eat this.” Kezo shoved a rubbery lump into Yax’s mouth.





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