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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 4

“Race you,” Yax said. “Last one’s a Bumtickle Bang.” (The Bumtickle Bangs were a stupid race of alien-rabbits. Their brains were made of ketchup and worms.)
















The Moonstaliens bounced through the grass, past a pond and into the back garden. “I won. I won,” Yax said.


“Only because I let you,” said Kezo. “Anyway, we’re not here to play.” The boys sneaked towards the door. They leapt through the letterbox and landed in the kitchen.


“Look,” Yax pointed his horns. “Milk!”


Beyond the half-open wooden door, a family were sitting at a table. “Let’s get a better view,” Kezo said. “But don’t make a sound.”


Yax squealed immediately. The family peered in their direction. Kezo dived on top of Yax and they rolled under the fridge. “What the hoof are you doing? I said don’t make a sound.”


“But look at you Kezo. Look at your skin.” Kezo’s body was purple as a plum. “I wonder why I’m still blu...” Yax looked down and yelped.


“Shush Yax. At least we’re not pink. We’ve still got time. We have to be brave and we’ve got to be quick.” Yax lifted an udder and wiped his snuffles away.


They crept into the dining room and hid behind a chest of drawers. They counted six people. The farmer, his wife and four children. “Maybe Earthlings aren’t so bad,” Yax said. “They’re pouring milk into baths.”


“They’re not baths! That’s their breakfast. But imagine we could get into those bowls. Our bodies would hiss with bliss. We’d be lunar grey and safe again.”


“Come on then, what are we waiting? Let’s go,” Yax said.


“Oh yeah, let’s leap onto the table and say, ‘Morning everyone! Hope you don’t mind - we’re aliens from the Moon and we need to take a dip in your Coco Pops!’


Yax stuck his three tongues out. “So what are we going to do? We could explode any minute.”


“Stop panicking. We’ve got until tomorrow morning.” A grin stretched across Kezo’s face. “Tomorrow - that’s it! Tomorrow morning we can sneak into the bowls. There’s about sixty Moonstaliens. It’ll be a bit of a squeeze but if we split up we should be OK. We just have to find a way of distracting the humans.”


“My body feels like its had a bath in a bonfire. Can’t we sneak in now?” Yax blew cool air onto his skin.


“That’s not a bad idea. We’ll need our full strength to help the others.”


Suddenly chairs scraped across the slate tiles. Three kids fled the table and ran outside to play. The farmer and his wife took the dishes into the kitchen. But the youngest girl didn’t move. She just sat there scooping cereal and pouring it back into the bowl. Her eyes were blank. A metallic birthday balloon bobbed above her in the fresh silence. It had a number 9 on it.


Kezo and Yax sprang onto the table and hid behind the box of Coco Pops. They peered around the corner and saw Jenny a metre away. Next to her bowl, on a scrunch of silver paper, stood a giraffe.


“An elephant! It might eat us.” Yax curled his tail in front of his eyes to make sure the dung nugget was still attached.


“It’s not an elephant - it’s a giraffe. It’s only a cuddly toy." Kezo said. "Look! She's staring out the window. This might be our only chance. After three, we go for it. Ready?”


Yax nodded.


 “One, two, three, bounce!”


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