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The Moonstaliens: Mission Milk! - Chapter 1

The Moonstaliens bounced along the underground tunnels to the cavern at the centre of the Moon. They had lived inside the Moon for thousands of years, but now they were in trouble. Big trouble. Lake Milk had dried up and their lunar grey skin was turning blue.


The Moonstaliens gazed up at the stone statue of Bovinia - their ancient moon cow goddess. A tiny metal door creaked open in her belly. The Moonstaliens bounced three times and bowed as King Cream appeared at the entrance of his home. “I have terrible news my people.”


The king’s ping-pong body glimmered in the candlelight. He pouted his fat lips and wobbled on his udders. His sad cow eyes stared out at the crowd. Apart from his crown, King Cream looked exactly like the other Moonstaliens. He was turning blue too.


“Our precious lake is dryer than a witch’s toe,” the king said. He prodded a row of inflating self-portraits with a stick. “If we don’t get our yearly milk bath we’re doomed. We’ll turn from blue to purple, purple to pink. Deadly pink.”























The Moonstaliens booly-hoolied and rubbed their sore skin. They prayed to the great statue.


“Praying to Bovinia won’t refill our lake now. Soon our throbbing pink bodies will inflate until...” King Cream took the balloon floating by his side and stuck a pin into it. It exploded into nothing. A deafening pop ricocheted off the stone walls and rang in the Moonstaliens' ears. They began to scream. Tears of slime drooled from their eyes.


“Calm down this minute!” the king shouted. “Being mad as handbags won’t help. Now listen – there’s one place in the universe where there’s splashings of milk. The planet’s stupid people even drink the stuff. It's called Earth and it’s only next door. Well kind of.”


A gasp of hope hissed into the air.


“But we’ve only got two days left. By morning we're purple as baseball bruises. The day after that, the Moonstalien race explodes into extinction.” King Cream bounced on his udders. He somersaulted high above the crowd and landed next to his people on a boulder. “I need two Moonstaliens to travel to Earth. Your mission..? Locate a marveluscious

milk bath and send a signal back home. We can then join you and we’ll all be saved. Now who wants to volunteer?”


The Moonstaliens cheered and sprang upwards. “Me! Me! Me!”


“One thing I forgot to mention,” the king said. “The mission could be very dangerous. Earthlings aren’t the friendliest aliens and the Sun might sizzle you like a sausage.”


Within half a second, every Moonstalien had hidden behind a rock or underneath a pile of moon dust. Silence filled the centre of the moon.


Well nearly silence. Somewhere in the darkness, right at the back, King Cream heard giggling.

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