Purple lead heart
Is he an ant or a puppy?
A new start for the kids

Miracle Ant


I have a little brother, George,

who's not been very well.

His hair fell out at first

And he's tired all the time 


George wants a puppy for Christmas

But Dad say he's too poorly

And that a dog is for life

Not just for Christmas 


My brother might be in heaven 

Before the dog is even one

I said I'd take care of it afterwards

But Daddy shook his head


 I sat by myself in the garden

And  spotted a little ant

He spotted me too

And ran onto the end of my finger 


I had an idea

and took my new friend inside

I made him a tiny lead

Out of purple cotton 


At the hospital that night

When Mum and Dad went for coffee

I gave George a tiny box 

And told him to be careful 


He opened it and saw the ant

"It's a puppy," I whispered,

“with a purple lead."

My brother grinned


I put the ant on the bed

And taught George how to walk him

Across the giant hills

Of his Batman duvet cover 


"He’s the smallest puppy

 in the whole wide world," I told him.

"Cool!" he said

and hid him in his box


Mum and Dad were shocked

Next time we went to see George

He was out of bed, standing up

Walking his puppy with the nurses


The doctor had a quiet word

With Mum and Dad in the corner

They stared at me

Then all three of them smiled 


George got better and better

The doctor said it was a miracle

Then something really sad happened

George's puppy died 


Dad told me all about ants

That they don’t live very long

"Just like George," I said.

"Not anymore," Dad smiled. 


George was going to be OK

Everyone said it was the magic ant

"You mean the puppy!" I told them

"The tiniest puppy in the world!" George said


At home me and George buried him

We made his purple lead

Into a heart shape

And put it on top his grave 


Then Dad called us into the house

To give us a special surprise 

"A puppy!" I yelled

But George went very serious 


"That's not a puppy," he said,

"it's an ant, silly.

The biggest ant in the world!"

We both burst out laughing 


Our little puppy began to bark

and chased us outside

past the daffodils

and into the garden


©2010 Mark C Bird







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