Shake It Off  - Taylor Swift

Positivity  - Prince

Dreambeast says:

Write a letter to a real or imagined hater. Persuade them to join your team of LOVE and POSITIVITY.


Letter To Haters

To all the world’s:

Hope-splatterers, Dream-batterers

Wish-bruisers, Friend-users

Joy-drainers, Spite-campaigners …

Glee-punchers, Faith-crunchers

Trust-stingers, Thrill-wringers,

Bliss-chokers, Pain-provokers…

Sun-takers, Storm-makers

Stress-pushers, Spirit-crushers

Love-traitors, Love-slaters & Love haters.

We know you have:

Dreams overgrown, where you

won’t go alone, don’t drag

us to that place, where dreams

sink without trace, where no

hope springs anew, where we’ll

be haters too, think how

you used to be,


just like me

From all the worlds:

Hope-clingers, Dream-swingers

Wish-thinkers, Friend-linkers,

Joy-kissers, Spite-dissers …

Glee-heapers, Faith-keepers

Trust-catchers, Thrill-hatchers,

Bliss-chasers, Pain-erasers …

Sun-drinkers, Storm-shrinkers

Stress-strokers, Spirit-stokers,

Hate-scrappers, Hate-trappers & Hate zappers.


Come join our team, ‘cos the

team that dare dream, we are

here to stay, you can

do it today, ‘cos it’s

never too late

to change

©2012 Mark Bird

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