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Valentine Fool

An embarrassed child who has sent himself a valentine card. The message reads - TO MARK, U R GORJUICE n HANDZUM, LUV MARK xxx

I couldn't take another year
without a Valentine card
for being ridiculed by friends
can leave a young kid scarred

I chose a card with clouds of hearts
above a candy floss mist
where two tongue tangling unicorns
met lips and sloppy-kissed

I shoved the card inside my coat
then fled, hood up, from the mall
At home, I wrote (with my left hand)
some lovey-dovey scrawl

Next morning dawned, I grabbed the card
I spun and raced into school
I passed it round and played surprised
but looked like such a fool

Like vultures, kids all circled me
They laughed and I filled with shame
For I’d not put a question mark

©2021 Mark Bird

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