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We’ve had so many teachers
Not one, have I admired
I need an education
but they keep getting fired

“Let’s start with Bathematics!”
the first recruit announced
“This afternoon is Thinglish.”
So sacked, was Miss Pronounce

The next taught us times tables
“Yes, one times one is eight.
Three squared of course is thirteen!”
So long, Miss Calculate

The next, she lost her glasses
We sighed, “They’re on your face.”
She yelled, “Don’t be so stupid!”
So bon voyage, Miss Place

“You must engage the children!
Yes each and every child,”
the head told our new tutor
“No probs!” she said and smiled

On bended knee, proposing
slipped rings on every hand
“My dears, let’s all get married”
Goodbye, Miss Understand

So then arrived my favourite
who from the front, head-shaved
Stuck out her tongue and bum-burped
I’ll miss old Miss Behave

Miss Trust she called us liars
Miss Hear swore we swore
Miss Read, Miss Take, Miss Spelling
should be the final straw

But I’m not giving up yet
It never is too late
Tomorrow may be better
with young Miss Educate

©2021 Mark Bird

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