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Laughing My Head Off

A red bowling boy with a face on it.

I laughed so much, my head fell off
and bounced along the road
I chased it, headless, best I could
for fear it might explode

I spun and pin-balled down the street
I neck-butted a tree
The shoppers yelled, “You’re off your head!”
I cried, “No it’s off me.”

Then suddenly almighty pain
as something bit my toes
I trapped the football-face beneath
Bent down and picked my nose

A bowling ball-like cranium
A skull with tickled brain
I scooped and gagged its cackling lips
and screwed it on again

But something still felt very wrong
I passed a windowpane
and saw my head on back to front
then laughed it off again

© Mark Bird 2020

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