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Laugh Attack

Illustration for 'Laugh Attack' poem for kids: A face with a big smiling mouth, crying with laughter.

Ab-straining, Din-gaining
Side-stitching, Lip-twitching
Nose-snorting, Sulk-thwarting
Head-swelling, Glee-welling
Tonsil-gurgling, Breath-burgling
Tummy-hurting, Scream-blurting
Pressure-bubbling, Pulse-doubling
Balance-stumbling, Floor-tumbling
Throat-strangling, Spine-mangling
Gasp-snatching, Bliss-hatching
Brow-sweating, Pant-wetting
Eye-scrunching, Tear-bunching
Vein-throbbing, Belly-bobbing
Bum-spanking, Brain-pranking
Pain-mending, Never-ending
Cheek-aching, Chest-quaking
Rib-shaking, Wind-breaking
Air-gorging, Friend-forging

Moments of pleasure

©2020 Mark Bird

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