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Foodie Frenzy

Two rainbow coloured smoothies sit on a table

Onions spring, Roots beat
Nanas baa, Bacon streaked
Berries rasp, Sumas sat
Berries huckle, Fruits jack

Loupes canter, Rines tango
Fies Salsa, Nuts coco
Rikas pap, Butans ram
Kins pump, sarnies jam

Apples pine, Paws paw
Rooms mush, Breakers jaw
Tarines neck, Fruits date
Mary rose but Thyme was late

Then Elder Berries woke offended
“It’s time you foolish foods were blended
So let’s see if you’re all so groovy
when you’re smushed inside a smoothie!”

Mark Bird ©2022

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