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Fishbowl Frolics

A small goldfish in love with a big goldfish. Big goldfish wants to eat the small goldfish

Two goldfish pets
Bertha and Jim
He fancied her
but Bertha not him

Bertha was large
Triple Jim's size
How he adored
her bulging black eyes

Jim was obsessed
Chased her gold tail
Puffed out his gills
and gushed, “You’re my whale!”

Bertha was stirred
but had deeper needs:
her rumbling tum
awaited a feed

Bertha so slick
changing her tack
invited Jim
to join her for snacks

Back in her castle
Lights turned to dim
Brushing her teeth
she gargled for Jim

No plates were laid
No samphire side
No tartare dip
But Bertha smiled wide

Jim took a bath
in bubbles of love
in bubbles of hope
that floated above

Bertha then pouted,
“Come over here
Let me blow bubbles
deep in your ear.”

Jim all aquiver
Jim couldn’t wait
Bertha knew well
that he’d take the bait

Jimmy torpedoed
across the big bowl
She opened wide
and swallowed him whole

Mark Bird ©2022

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