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Chicken Licken's Chicken Shop

A chicken holding a knife and fork

Chicken Licken’s Chicken Shop
is where the hungry chickens stop
Chickens leave The Chicken Club
and rush to get their chicken grub

Chickens flap, “We need to eat!”
and hiccup down to Chicken Street
Hen night parties chuckle-chirp
through clouds of cock-a-doodle burp

Chickens karaoke-cluck
and banter with a brood of ducks
Chickens drawl and chickens sprawl
A clutch of headless chickens brawl

Chickens stumble, chickens flop
on Chicken Licken’s counter top
Chickens order just one meal -
The Foxy Loxy Bucket Deal:

Foxy tails, southern fried
with foxy popcorn on the side.
Foxy Loxy battered lips
with Chicken Licken's special dips.

©2022 Mark Bird

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