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Back To School

Back To School

“Get up Sue - it’s back to school.
New term starts today.
You’ve shiny shoes,
your pens are new,
your friends are on their way.”

“I’m staying in bed - I hate that place.
They bully me and swear.
They call me Geek,
say I'm a freak,
and laugh at what I wear.”

“Get in the car, I’ll take you Sue,
or else you will be late.
I’ve packed your lunch,
your hair is bunched.
You'll see your bestie Kate!”

“I've told you Mum, a million times!
She left our school last term.
Now let me out,
I’ll scream and shout.
School rules just make me squirm.”

“Shush now dear - we’re at the gate.
The kids will point and stare.
Tongues will wag,
now grab your bag -
the deputy's over there.”

“He’s the worst - he picks on me.
He says my brain’s a bean.
He calls me fat,
and things like that.
Says I’m a drama queen.”

“Sue, he’s coming over now.
Behave yourself my dear.
Get out the boot!
My gosh he's cute.
Stop crying - he might hear!”

“I haven't done my homework Mum.
Sir will go insane.
Please write a note,
and say a goat,
devoured it in Spain.”

“Right that’s it - I’ve had enough.
Get in that playground do.
Now hide your tongue,
you must be strong.
You are the Head now Sue!”

©2009 Mark Bird

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