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Funny poems for kids to  encourage giggles and chuckles ...

Illustration for 'Bearded Gran' poem for kids: a granny with a beard

Bearded Gran

Photo for 'Food Frenzy' poem for kids: Two rainbow coloured smoothies sit on a table, topped with raspberries, blackberries and a sprig of mint.

Foodie Frenzy

Illustration for 'Laugh Attack' poem for kids: A face with a big smiling mouth, crying with laughter.

Laugh Attack

Illustration for 'Linger Longer' poem for kids: a crocodile eating a boy. A McBoy a day keeps the croctor away.

Linger Longer

Photo for "O.A.Ps (Old Age Potatoes)" poem for kids: a masked spring onion gets ready to give a potato a wedgie. The old potato awaits his fate with tears rolling down his cheeks.

O.A.Ps (Old Age Potatoes)

Illustration for 'Toughest Person Ever' poem for kids : A granny in a bath full of rats.

Toughest Person Ever

Illustration for 'Valentine Fool' poem for kids: An embarrassed child who has sent himself a valentine card. The message reads - TO MARK, U R GORJUICE n HANDZUM, LUV MARK xxx

Valentine Fool

Illustration for 'You're Insane' poem for kids : A laughing lime fruit.

You're Insane

Illustration for 'Back To School' poem for kids : Head teacher in bed sleeping beneath an I Don't Love School poster

Back To School

Illustration for 'Bedtime at Batman's' poem for kids : Batman wearing pants over his tights.

Bedtime At Batman's

Illustration for 'Cheesy Mr. Moon' poem for kids: a moon with a face

Cheesy Mr. Moon

Illustration for 'Chicken Licken's Chicken Shop' :  a strong and staring chicken

Chicken Licken's Chicken Shop

Illustration for 'Fishbowl Frolics' poem for kids: a small goldfish in love with a big goldfish. Big goldfish wants to eat the small goldfish

Fishbowl Frolics

Illustration for 'I Love School' poem for kids: a boy with spots trying to decide whether school is cool or not

I Love School

Illustration for 'Laughing My Head Off' poem for kids: a red bowling boy with a face on it.

Laughing My Head Off

Illustration for 'Kiss' poem for kids : a neon sign spelling KISS.

My First Kiss

Illustration for 'Urge To Blurt' poem for kids : A neon sign saying SAY IT LOUDER.

Urge To Blurt

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