Photo for "Chewy Brain" poem for kids: a load of brain chews (candies and sweets).

Chewy Brain

Read this nonsense poem for kids about a brain that needs chewing to keep it thinking and believing.

Photo for 'Food Frenzy' poem for kids: Two rainbow coloured smoothies sit on a table, topped with raspberries, blackberries and a sprig of mint.

Foodie Frenzy

Read this wordplay, food poem for kids about crazy, dancing, frenzied fruit and vegetables. However, it doesn't end well thanks to the wise old Elder Berries

Photo for "O.A.Ps (Old Age Potatoes)" poem for kids: a masked spring onion gets ready to give a potato a wedgie. The old potato awaits his fate with tears rolling down his cheeks.

O.A.Ps (Old Age Potatoes)

Read this nonsense poem for kids about a young spring onion who escapes from the fridge and does something rather mean to an O.A.P. (Old Aged Potato)

Photo for "Skipping Through The 80s" poem for kids: a white cat skips with a skipping rope

Skipping Through The 80s

Read this poems for kids about a boy whose skipping skills finally win him kudos with the other boys. An 80s true story.