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Timothy Grimothy

A flower sinks into the ground to escape the rain.

Timothy Grimothy – grimy and grim
he’d not had a shower all year
and only one bath
he’d had for a laugh
submerged in baked beans and stale beer

Timothy Grimothy – started to reek
his friends wore big pegs on their noses
not choosing a cure
he rolled in manure
which squelched between all of his toeses

Timothy Grimothy – no more friends left
just girlfriend remained - Mudpie Sally
but even she fled
on seeing the spread
of sprouts twisting out of his belly

Timothy Grimothy – crannies and nooks
completely been sealed with the grime
two earfuls of wax
one bum without cracks
a nose jammed with bogeys and slime

Timothy Grimothy – huge ball of filth
the sludge seeping into his blood
then getting much bigger
a J.C.B digger
thought he was a great mound of mud

Timothy Grimothy – Mama screamed “NO!”
ran over to save her poor child
she dug in the dirt
found pieces of shirt
two eyeballs both staring and wild

Timothy Grimothy – crumbled to bits
his mama she reached for the spade
packed him in sacks
and carried him back
to fertilise lilies she’d laid

Timothy Grimothy – nose, lips and all
eternally glad how it ended
decomposing with slugs
and lots of dead bugs
dissolved in the earth as intended

Timothy Grimothy – centuries on
the lilies had died long ago
instead a new breed
of flowery weed
in hundreds of thousands had grown

'The Timothy Grimothy Yucky-Muck Plant'
with eyeballs that stared from each flower
but down they would sink
to the ground and then wink
at even a slight chance of showers

©2009 Mark Bird

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