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The Scaredy Cat

A cartoon cat by Colin West scurries away in fear from a feather.

He’s known around as Scaredy-Cat
He’s scared of this, he’s scared of that
He’s scared of birds, he’s scared of mice
He’s scared of fish, he’s scared of lice

He’s scared of tails, full of fur
He’s scared of throats, full of purr
He’s scared of fangs, full of gnaws
He’s scared of paws, full of claws

He’s scared of yowls, under moons
He’s scared of Tom, in cartoons
He’s scared of hiss in his howl
He’s scared of spit in his growl

So Scaredy-Cat, hides under cars
and scaredy-cars, hide under stars
and scaredy-stars hide in the sky
and scaredy-skies, hide way up high

So if you spy The Scaredy-Cat
Afraid of this, afraid of that
Beneath the cars and stars and sky
Don’t point and laugh or pass him by

Just tempt him out with things he loves
Not fish below or birds above
The Scaredy-Cat loves bubble baths
And naughty dogs who make him laugh

So bathe him, paint his claws bright red
Then tie a bow upon his head
Arrange a date: a handsome Pug
Watch Scaredy-Cat walk tall, strut smug

He may not like what most cats do
He’s different, just like me, like you
The Scaredy-Cat feels proud and sure
He’s found his courage; scared no more

Mark Bird ©2021

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