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Love Above The Sink

A smoky skull stares out from a mirror.

I admire my reflection
My reflection gives a wink
I blow kisses at my beauty
Love unfolds above the sink

Can’t help kiss my cute reflection
Who can blame me with those lips?
In the bathroom, twin pant-dancers
shake their super funky hips

Then I pout at my reflection
but my mirror-image grins
Five familiar grasping fingers
Grab my neck and pull me in

through the crack in my reflection
to the mirror’s other side
As I scream, he leaves the bathroom
and then smirks and waves goodbye

How I bang for my reflection
to come back and set me free
How I long to tell my parents
that he isn’t really me

The next morning, my reflection
saunters in like I’m not there
As I shout, ‘They’re MY pyjamas!’
he just winks and gels his hair

Mark Bird ©2011

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