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Love Above The Sink

Love Above The Sink

I admire my reflection
My reflection gives a wink
I blow kisses at my beauty
Love unfolds above the sink

I then snog my cute reflection
Who can blame me with those lips?
In the bathroom, two pant-dancers
shake their super funky hips

Wave goodbye to my reflection
But I hear the mirror crack
Five familiar fingers grab me
Squeeze my neck and pull me back

Through the crack of my reflection
to the mirror’s other side
Watch my duplicate unlock
the bathroom door and step outside

Scream all night for my reflection
to come back and let me out
But my silent cries are drowned
by the leaky shower spout

My pyjamas! My reflection
saunters in like I’m not there
and as I put up my knuckles
he just grins and gels his hair

Mark Bird ©2011

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