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Inspirational 'Imagine poems' for kids to encourage curiosity , imagination and surrealism ...

Below you will find a selection of inspirational 'imagine poems' for kids to encourage curiosity , imagination and surrealism: a boy obsessed with Maths, a crazy school principal, a grooming dog, horror cats, books fighting, the dirtiest boy in the world and lots, lots more. #UseYourImagination

A cartoon wearing a Sgt. Pepper jacket. The word 'FUNFAIR' is written under his hair. An arrow points to his brain.

Adventures Beneath Your Hair

A poodle sits in a parlour with its head in a hairdryer.

Lola:World’s Best Dog Groomer

ABC is written but the letter B wearing a clown nose and hat is crossed out

Mathematic Mike

A juicy baked bean cartoon

Nightmare On Toast

Six genres of books - Julius Caesar, Vampires, Matilda, Gordon Ramsay Cook Book, Shakespeare and Deadly Weapons

The Book Wars

A man lies in bed drooling as frogs and snails float in bubbles above him

The Lips of Bill McCavity

A flower sinks into the ground to escape the rain.

Timothy Grimothy

A scary, hissing cat appears from the dark.

Dracupuss and Frankenmouse

A smoky skull stares out from a mirror.

Love Above The Sink

Illustration for "SkeleTom Cat" poem for kids: A skeleton cat arches its spin beside a grinning pumpkin and a gravestone which has R.I.P. carved on it.

SkeleTom Cat

A vacuum cleaner sucks up a man called Bob Lipdrooly

The Greatest Kisser

A cartoon cat by Colin West scurries away in fear from a feather.

The Scaredy Cat

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