inspirational poems for kids
inspirational poems for kids

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Dreambeast says:

Invent your own time-travelling cosmic watch. It can take you anywhere in the past or future. Which three places would you visit and what would happen to you on your adventures?


I Didn't Dare Go



An alien lived for a short while

behind my bedroom drawers.

He begged I visit planets with it,

fly to unknown moons with it,

spy on UFOs with it.

But I didn’t dare go.


He kept me awake, going on

about worlds I’d never seen.

He chattered on all night he did,

spun me tales of peace he did,

funfairs on the stars he said.

But I didn’t dare go.


He leapt from the shadows and grumbled.

His eyeball rolled then stared.

He whispered that the time had come,

I must get out of bed and come,

Must trust in things beyond the sun.

But I didn’t dare go.


He sighed and then sprung to the window.

Tapped his cosmic watch.

He warned it's my last chance tonight,

to meteor-ride through starry nights

to fleet and soar on wonder flights.

But I didn’t dare go.


He launched himself skywards and spiraled,

and stellar flaking trails

fell and melted on my eyelids.

I slid behind the drawers and hid,

I didn’t want to be this kid.

I wanted to go!

But it was too late.


Then, lasers light-sabered the darkness

and found my crying place.

Something grabbed my hand and cheered,

zapped away the fear I feared,

zoomed me to the future years...


Where I dared do anything

and go anywhere.

All the time,





©2009 Mark Bird

inspirational poems for kids

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