inspirational poems for kids

take me home - guillemots

Dreambeast says:

Do you love school or do you hate it? Be honest.

Write a balanced argument where you convey the positives and negatives of both sides.

Could you have a class debate?

p.s. What hopes do you hide in your tray?


Home Time



I stand outside the chained school gates

But me, I’m there inside

Locked in with all my laughter,

my pencils, pens and pride


My happiness runs round the hall

My hope hides in my tray

My confidence with teacher

My dreams up on display


I stand outside my own front door

My house no place to play

Where ghosts of gloom come gliding

to greet me every day


Anger in the attic

Fear beneath the floor

Worries in the wardrobe

Doubts stuffed into drawers


I stand outside the chained school gates

I wish that now was then -

Monday morning, 9 o’clock

When hometime's here again


©2010 Mark Bird

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