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Memory Of The Future - Pet Shop Boys

He Fights

He’d fight outside the school gates

He’d fight outside the shop

He’d fight the weak and weirdos

He’d fight ‘til they begged stop


No doubt he was bully

No doubt he never cared

No doubt his filthy fury

No doubt that he was scared


And now he is a child no more

And now his friends have grown

And now they've found their future

And now he’s left alone


He fights against his memories

He fights his ancient pride

He fights the guilt that goads him

The bully who has died


©2020 Mark Bird

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Dreambeast says:

Have you ever been bullied? Have you bullied someone else?

Write a short playscript where the bully and the victim meet all alone. What would happen? What would they say to each other? 


Act out your play with a partner. 

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